Scientists have apparently discovered what makes the perfect breasts

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 30 December 2016 15:30
Picture:(Shutterstock / iordani)

It’s one of the oldest questions, but there’s yet to be a definitive answer: what size breasts are best?

Well, a group of scientists set out to answer it once and for all... For science, we suppose.

Researchers gauged over 200 men’s bosom preferences by showing them images of different sized breasts - each pair had different levels of firmness and the men were asked to rate the photos in order of attractiveness.

They found that the majority of the participants, who were from Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic and Namibia, preferred medium sized breasts, followed by large sized breasts. And the firmer, the better.

But the research paper states:

However, a substantial portion of the participants selected either large or small size as their most preferred, indicating considerable inter- individual variation in breast size preferences.

So, the study confirms what we already knew, really.

Men like breasts. Large, medium or small? It doesn't matter - They just like breasts.

Did we really need a study to confirm that?

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