The whole religion of Scientology has had a somewhat questionable reputation over the years, and it seems like they don't do themselves any favours.

The bizarre belief systems of Scientology include an intergalactic dictator shipping people to 'Earth' to then blow them up with hydrogen bombs (referred to as Incident II).

People mock Scientology a lot because somehow it's more palatable to believe things like the universe was created by an almighty ghost man in the sky.

Scientology gained traction thanks to celebrities such as Tom Cruise joining, but numbers subscribing to the belief are apparently in decline.

To this end, they've seemingly upped their game on the recruitment front, if a text thread shared by 'Shelby' is anything to go by.

People who have previously taken a 'personality test' seem to have been contacted by Scientologists.

The person contacting seems pleasant enough, but is truly inexperienced in the world of social media and trolling that they were about to receive.

The hilarious exchange goes as follows:

Scientology is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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