A man from Wigan has sent a meat pie into space


Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship... Pukka Pie. Its 29 mile mission, to boldly go where no pie has gone before.

Cue the music:

A pie’s journey typically is a short one. It goes from packaging, to oven, to plate and finally, to the mouth.

This pie on the other hand, had a much grander send off.

It was attached to a weather baloon and launched into the earth’s atmosphere,

The pie - meat and potato, in case you were curious – flew a staggering 29 miles straight up... Most takeaways usually call it quits at the 3 mile mark.


Roby Mill, from Wigan, was the brave soul who launched the pie into the stratosphere.

Why? We hear you as. Why send a pie into space? Well it's Wigan's Pie Eating Championship next week, and this seemed like a good way to advertise it.


The pastry-based snack had a camera and tracking equipment attached to it, to allow the space enthusiasts from SentIntoSpace to track its journey.

It’s thought that the pie would freeze on its ascent and be cooked as it came back down to earth at high speed.


Check out the video below, it proves we're not telling porkies:

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