This Serbian presidential candidate’s video is unbelievable

YouTube/Beli — Samo jako!

Serbia's presidential elections take place this Sunday.

You may have missed this news, because of Brexit and Trump.

Luk Maksimovic, 25, has decided to run a parody character in the elections, who is called "Ljubisa 'Beli' Preletacevic".

The character, who typically wears a giant gold watch, a white suit, loafers and a fur coat, walks through the streets and promises jobs and cash in exchange for votes.

His campaign adverts are something else:

On Monday, a poll placed him second among all the candidates nationally, on 11 per cent of the vote, while Prime Minister Vucic is seen as likely to hold onto office.

A Reuters article reports Maksimovic said:

We were just fooling around.

Not anymore it seems - people are using his campaign as a protest vote and he's quickly picked up steam.

The university student, who wants to become a television presenter, is mostly hoping to pass his exams:

I'm going to be president and won't have finished university.

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