Seth Rogen’s mum has a major problem with over sharing


More so than anyone else on the planet, our parents are experts in embarrassing us.

Whether it's their cringe-worthy dancing at weddings or that one awful item of clothing they insist upon wearing, they seem to love inflicting shame upon their kids.

You would think it would get better the more famous you were but oh no.

Take Hollywood A-lister Seth Rogen, whose mother has even managed to humiliate him on social media.


Seth's sister, Danya, also agreed with her brothers stance on the issue.

Seth's disgust at his mother obviously amused a lot of people as the tweet has now been shared over 151,000 times.

To be fair to his mother, she did come back with a good response.

This got even more amusing when other well known faces from Twitter joined in with the debate.

However, judging by some of Sandy's earlier tweets it's easy to see where Seth get's his sense of humour from.

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