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In dramatic scenes of diplomatic intrigue an American woman has announced 30 days of sex sanctions against her husband.

News of the rogue action broke on Friday morning.

Appealing to the global community on Reddit, the husband in question related the events since Tuesday but stopped short of calling them the actions of a rogue, or hostile spouse.

My wife and I vote oppositely usually, and she was sad that Hillary didn’t win and probably more upset that Trump did.

The husband also argued that such a sanction was not how sex ought to be used, and that by reducing access to it was he being subjected to a 'control move on her part'.

Critics of the sanctions are likely to view them as disproportionate and could have significant impact on the population.

Fears of a 'domino effect' against the 60 million other Trump voters from their spouse is causing a stir in other households.

The move is reminiscent of the sex strike held by the women of Athens and Sparta in the anti-war comedy Lysistrata by Aristophanes, first perfomed in 411 BC.

In the play, the women on both sides of the Peloponnesian war choose to withold sex until their respective husbands sue for peace.

Supporters of the rogue woman's policy of containment said on Reddit:

Voting for Trump but then not understanding why a woman is withholding access to her body to express disapproval? The irony is palpable.

Suggestions that the sanctions could be increased beyond the month have not been confirmed, yet the husband is keen to open negotiations in order to learn the motive for the unprecedented sanction.

No third party has been named to make the approach.

This man's sex life is just one more casualty in the Trump era.

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