Now that Donald Trump's pledge to create new deportation task force may become a reality, here's how his European cousins have been doing.

A constistent theme of Trump's campaign for the presidency was immigration. In addition to the famous wall he wanted to build on the US-Mexican border, Trump also pledged to create a deportation task force.

Immigration and the free movement of people is an important debate in the European Union, featuring heavily in the UK's referendum on whether or not to leave.

Figures for 2015, compiled by Statista show the number of non-EU citizens given deportation orders from EU countries in 2015.

The details show that even prior to voting to leave the EU, the UK was issuing more deportation orders than most countries.


Note that being issued with a deportation order does not guarantee deportation. Some individuals go home voluntarily, others abscond and cease contact with immigration services.

Greece issued over 100,000 orders in 2015, thirty thousand more than France which issued the second most.

Despite once having a reputation as a safe haven, the UK gave out the third most deportation orders to non-EU citizens in 2015.

This was roughly 5,500 more orders issued by the UK compared to 2014.

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