This is the day most people want to have sex on

Tuesday 09 May 2017 11:00
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Have you ever stopped to think of all the times you got lucky?

Perhaps your expert dance moves and chivalry in the bar helped turn a date into an overnight stay. Or perhaps you were on a particular app in just the right place at just the right time.

Either way, did you ever consider what day these sexual success stories occurred?

According to data experts over at online grocery shopping company Instacart, there is a distinct weekly pattern to our sex lives, and it can be mapped by condom sales.

They provided their data to Quartz, who in turn visualised it with these handy charts by Atlas:

Unsurprisingly, sales peaked on the weekend, with Saturday being the 'sexiest day'.

Hump Day (ironic) Wednesday is when you are least likely to buy condoms, which is understandable given that almost all grocery sales fell on Wednesday - it seems you're more likely to do your shop in time for or on the weekend.

Things begin to perk up on Friday - no shock there.

And it seems that everybody really does hate Mondays: either you're not having any sex or you didn't finish up all your condoms on the weekend.

HT: Quartz

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