Do 'support bubbles' mean we can finally have sex in other peoples' homes again? It's complicated

Do 'support bubbles' mean we can finally have sex in other peoples' homes again? It's complicated

Boris Johnson announced that single adults can form a "support bubble" with another household, so obviously everyone thinks he's talking about sex.

Announcing further changes to lockdown, Johnson said:

All those in a support bubble will be able to act as if they live in the same household, meaning they can spend time together inside each others' homes and do not need to stay two metres apart.

People are interpreting this as the official go-ahead to finally have that long-awaited Tinder date.

But it's not quite as simple as that.

Firstly, the rules only apply in England, to those either living alone or with children if they're under 18. So neither you nor your date can be living with friends, flatmates or family if you want to form a "bubble" together.

Secondly, you can only form one bubble and you cannot change who your bubble is with. This is good news for people who live alone and haven't seen their significant other in months, but not such great news for everyone else.

This isn't the first time the government has basically told us to settle down with someone.

Before lockdown was implemented, deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries told couples to move in together or not see each other at all.

So perhaps, test really carefully your strength of feeling, stay with the household, either together or apart, but keep it that way while we go forward.

The new rule does technically make it possible to have sex with someone from outside your household again, after a brief stint of that being illegal. But the number of people who will realistically benefit from a "support bubble" is probably low.

How many of us live alone and only want to see one other person, who also happens to live alone?

It's not like you can even go for dinner before firmly committing to the person you're forming a bubble with...

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