These are the most and least attractive accents in the UK


For such small countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland certainly have a myriad of different accents, twangs and dialect variations - equal parts confounding and unique.

But which variant of English is the sexiest? This poll conducted by The Mirror claims to have the answers.

Top of the leader board is the Welsh accent, with a whopping 38 per cent overall.

More than a third of the overall vote chose this option, which means the people have officially spoken - or, at the very least, people who have enough time to vote in online polls have spoken.

Coming in second place is the Scottish accent, and you can probably thank the soothing tones of Richard Madden gracing the screens with his role in Bodyguard for this result.

Third place goes to the Northern Irish accent, which is pretty unsurprising to see it rank so highly.

Fourth places goes to the Geordie accent.

This is followed by the Scouse and Cockney accents - which we're putting down to the efforts of Danny Dyer. You can't deny that Cockney rhyming slang has a certain charm to it.

Getting further down the list you've got the Norfolk accent, follow by the West Country, Yorkshire and then the Queen's English.

The Birmingham accent, which was once voted 'worse than staying silent', is clocking in down in 11th place, follow by the Essex accent.

And finally, thanks entirely to the combined effort of two particularly irritating Gallaghers, you've got the Lancashire and Mancunian accent.

There you have it. Officially and legitimately voted in this poll, the unsexiest accent belongs to the people of Manchester.

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