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You've heard of the dating terms submarining, love bombing and cushioning, now it's time to learn about "sidebarring".

Sidebarring is a term for those people who can't help but be distracted by their phone, especially during a date.

You know the scenario; you are both enjoying a nice meal and sharing a few stories, then all of a sudden they get their phone out and start laughing at a meme their friend sent them.

After a while, you realise they are totally obsessed with the device and the magic has been lost.

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If this has happened to you, you have been sidebarred.

The person isn't trying to be rude or ignore you, it has just become a part of 21st century life. You could argue that a stricter etiquette needs to be observed when on a date though.

A new study by Facebook into the evolution of digital communication touches on the phenomena of sidebar conversations.

They found that 71 percent of the people who took part in their survey admitted to sidebarring, and that they mostly do it at social events or family gatherings.

The study also reported that 82 percent of millennials and 79 percent of teens were likely to indulge in sidebarring, but Facebook found that most of those conversations actually strengthened online friendships.

Although this is a positive way to look at the trend it doesn't excuse ignoring someone on a date.

So the next time you're out romancing someone, leave your phone in your pocket and give the other person your undying attention.

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