These are the warning signs of a failing friendship


Friendships can be a difficult thing to navigate as babies, weddings, mortgages and careers begin to creep in your daily world.

One lesson we must learn as adults, is when to know when a friendship isn’t genuine - luckily, Redditors are on hand to help us figure that out.

Here are some of the red flags of a failing friendship, according to some people who have been there before:

When they don’t reply to your messages

When you text them they don't respond, but when you hang out they're always on their phone.


When the relationship is one-sided

If you're the only one who ever initiates contact


If conversation consists of you asking them questions, but them making no effort to get to know you. Similarly, if they bitch about their problems all the time, but get impatient if you start to bitch about yours.


When you can’t spend time alone together

I do this too... but when I ask you to hang out, don't say "who is going to be there?"

Me! I don't need to sweeten the deal with more people! Unless you are avoiding an ex. That is allowed.


When they’re dishonest

Lies about having to bail on plans, but was actually seen doing said plans later on without you.


Just being mean

Lots of good friends, and friend groups, poke fun at each other - but it's always done in a joking way and everybody knows they don't really mean it. But if they're insulting you for the sole purpose of being mean.... not cool.


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