If last Thursday's election result was bad for Labour, then the subsequent week has been an utter disaster.

As the new Tory government settles back in to power without a coherent opposition, here's a week all Labour supporters will want to forget:

1. Election shambles

Reports have emerged in the aftermath of the election defeat of a "hubristic" campaign in which the party was already "measuring the curtains" at Downing Street.

As well as completely underestimating the loss of votes to Ukip, so sure was the party of winning that Ed Miliband was still preparing his victory speech even after the shock exit poll was released.

2. Brotherly love

Following Ed Miliband's resignation and subsequent jolly in Ibiza, his brother David, who lost to him in the 2010 leadership race, helpfully gave an interview in which he said he thought "both in 2010 and in 2015 Gordon and then Ed allowed themselves as being portrayed as moving backwards". Cheers, bro.

3. The Ed Stone

The now-infamous "Ed Stone", which Labour had pledged to plant in the gardens of No 10 if they won, went missing. However, after some diligent work by reporters at the Daily Mail, the 8ft 6in limestone block has apparently been tracked down to a "bleak" warehouse in south-east London. Ah the symbolism.

Speaking of the Ed Stone:

4. To Blair or not to Blair

As the new leadership contest heats up, there seems to be an almost complete split in the party on whether to try to win by the traditional working class vote, or to return to the centre-ground of the Blair years.

From talk of needing to be "on the side of families who want to shop at John Lewis" to 10 new MPs signing a letter declaring they want to ditch New Labour, while Blair and Lord Mandelson snipe from the sidelines.

5. Umunna's turnaround

Chuka Umunna's decision to bow out of the leadership race just three days after announcing has seen a media storm of rumour and speculation which has detracted from the party's ability to move on from Miliband. Although Umunna can hardly be blamed himself, particularly with the exact circumstances still unknown.

6. Jim Murphy's resignation

his resignationattack on the party's union backers

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