Why Sleeping Naked During A Heatwave Is A Bad Idea
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Parts of the UK are expected to have the hottest day of the year so far.

The Met Office said London and potentially some spots in East Anglia are likely to reach scorching temperatures of 34C (93.2F) as the hot spell of weather reaches its peak on Friday.

And while the UK are ecstatic about some much-anticipated sun, the nights can be a little less enjoyable.

Now, a sleep expert has now suggested that sleeping naked will likely make you even hotter.

Cromwell Hospital's Lead Sleep Physiologist has weighed in on why it is better to wear something to bed. Julius Patrick told Cosmopolitan how nightwear acts like a sponge.

"It can be tempting to sleep with no clothes on to keep yourself cool, but this may worsen your sleep," the sleep expert says.

"When you sleep naked, sweat actually collects on the body and then remains there. However hot it is when you drift off, remember your body temperature will drop during the night," Patrick advises. Instead, he suggests wearing "light bedclothes" during warmer nights.

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"If you’re wearing light clothes to sleep in, it soaks up any sweat you have, which can cool you down," he added. However, according to Healthline, there are some benefits to sleeping naked.

It suggest it improves sleep quality and helps people fall asleep faster. This reportedly has a knock-on effect on weight too.

They suggested: "Keeping your body colder at night may help boost your calorie-burning abilities. A small study following five men discovered that exposure to cooler temperatures, around 66°F (19°C), helped their bodies increase brown fat activity."

It can also improve the appearance of your skin, they say.

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