This is what people really think about the snap general election

On Tuesday morning the Prime Minister announced the government will table a motion in parliament to hold a general election on 8 June 2017.

If the motion passes on Wednesday, this will have been the second general election in just 764 days.

And 350 days since the whole of the United Kingdom went to the polls for the EU referendum.

For voters in Northern Ireland it will have been 99 days since they last voted.

And if mayoral and local elections in England go ahead as planned on May 4, it will be the second vote in 36 days.

As you can imagine, ‘voter fatigue’ is at something of a high point.

One person, dubbed ‘Brenda from Bristol’, summed up the feeling in an amusing interview with the BBC.

indy100 and The Independent went out into the world to ask the people how they feel about the latest plebiscite.

Perhaps a small ballot on the issue would settle the matter.

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