It started snowing in the UK and no one can handle it

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 13 January 2017 12:45
Picture:(Daily Star / Twitter / Hannel Jewell / Ari Gork)

Whenever anyone in Britain so much as mentions the word ‘snow,’ all public transport comes to a halt, business and schools close, and shops up and down every street suddenly run out of beans.

So it’s no wonder we’ve got ourselves in a bit of a state over recent weather warnings.

Utter chaos has swept Britain.

Commuters faced overcrowding:

Some people turned to religion:

But to be fair, the snow was falling thick and fast:

Anyone comparing it to rain obviously didn't have a clue what they were talking about:

We even had a "snow flurry":

Some people had the audacity to make fun, no doubt before returning home and getting snowed in by the unrelenting blizzard:

The more sensible among us tweeted messages of goodwill:

Luckily, we could turn to the news as a voice of reason to calm us down:

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Picture: The Week (The Week)

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