A piglet was abandoned outside Downing Street because someone took the 'Piggate' jokes too far

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you will have seen all the fun the media had with the Prime Minister's pig-related allegations. Well, there’s always someone who takes the joke too far.

A piglet has been adopted by Surrey Docks Farm after it was abandoned, traumatised, outside 10 Downing Street as a “delivery for David Cameron”.

In the video posted on Monday, two fake delivery men approach the gates of 10 Downing Street, saying:

We’ve got a delivery for David Cameron. It’s from the Bullingdon Club. They said if he can’t keep a secret, he’s no longer in the club.

Having delivered the inaccurate lines (presumably they meant the Piers Gaveston society) the men then remove the pig from its cage.

It squeals and attempts to flee in a clearly distressed state, and after a brief struggle, they return it to the cage.

The jokesters from the YouTube channel Trollstation then abandon the animal outside the Prime Minister’s residence.

Claire Elson, livestock manager at Surrey Docks Farm, told Southwark News:

They’ve not thought about how this is going to affect the poor little piglet. This is its first experience of the outside world and it has been dragged all over Downing Street and then into Charing Cross police station.

Piglets are normally so friendly and curious but it is so stressed after such a bad first real contact with people.

The pig is now recovering in a hay-filled sanctuary and is up for adoption to a good home (for cute pictures, click here.)

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