Someone went through and 'corrected' every claim on this Brexit poster

Louis Dor
Saturday 04 June 2016 13:20
Picture: Phillhb/Imgur

What do you do when you see some propaganda you don't agree with? Edit it and republish it, of course.

An advert for the Grassroots Out campaign to vote Leave in the European Union referendum has been amended and posted to reddit.

From there it was highly shared on social networks due to the statement by statement 'corrections' to the posters' contentions.

Whether you agree with it or not the effort, which corrected a page advert in the Evening Standard earlier this week, has received a lot of plaudits on social media:

It's nearly as ruthless as Remain campaigner Jeremy Corbyn's rubbishing of Remain campaigner George Osborne's claims.

HT Huffington Post

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