This comedian has a hilarious response to anyone who is thinking of not getting vaccinated

With scepticism towards the Covid-19 vaccine spreading online, one woman perfectly explained why it’s better to be vaccinated in just one tweet.

Comedian Sooz Kempner had the best anecdote for anyone who is reluctant to get a vaccine, and it surprisingly involves The Sixth Sense.

“I had a bad reaction to the meningitis B jab back in 1999,” Kempner wrote. “Got pretty ill during The Sixth Sense and didn’t get the twist ending at all. My friends had to help me get home. I was ill for 3 days. Tell you what it was fucking better than: meningitis.”

Severe reactions to vaccines are very rare, though people who take a meningitis jab can experience minor side effects such as pain and swelling.

People who suffer from severe allergic reactions have been advised to not take the Covid-19 vaccine. The warning comes after two NHS workers who received the vaccine experienced allergic reactions.

Kemper’s story also inspired other people to share their unfortunate reactions to treatments, and why that’s preferable to contracting the actual disease.

In an interview with IFLScience, Kempner went into further detail about what happened on that fateful day. "When I was 14 I had the meningitis jab at school," she said. "I was pretty good at doing the pins-through-the-skin-of-my-fingertips trick in home economics so needles weren’t an issue and on jab day I barely registered it had happened."

She continued: "The following day I went with fellow teens to see The Sixth Sense. Soon after it started I remember feeling very cold. I started to sweat, got a banging headache and things took on that dreamlike quality you get when in the depths of flu. At the end of the film I lurched out of the cinema and my friends saw that I’d bypassed going pale and just gone straight for grey and rather than get the train we just got James Hardie’s dad to take us home in his Ford Galaxy."

Kempner then explained that her reaction to the vaccine meant that she didn’t clock what happened at the end of The Sixth Sense. "On the way back they were all going berserk about the crazy twist at the end of The Sixth Sense and I said '….what?'” she said. “I hadn’t clocked the twist at all, thought Bruce Willis had just been shot again right at the end."

Thankfully, she knows the twist now.

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