4 of Spike Lee's most savage attacks on Donald Trump

4 of Spike Lee's most savage attacks on Donald Trump

Director Spike Lee has called Donald Trump, who he has decided to refer to as Agent Orange, ‘inhumane’ in the latest in a round of scathing attacks on the American president.

Presenting his latest film BlacKKKlansman at the Los Cabos International Film Festival in Mexico, he criticised Trump and his administration for his attacks on the migrant caravan and for separating hundreds of migrant children from their families.

He said: "Agent Orange was on the campaign trail for his fellow gangsters and stirring up his base by saying the migrant caravan was an invasion."

And [previously] there are the images of infants being snatched from their mothers and there was no mechanism in place to reunite them with their parents. I don’t know how it can get more inhumane than that.

Trump recently stated that he is considering a new family separation policy at the US-Mexico border because he believes the administration’s earlier policy to separate migrant children from parents was an effective deterrent to illegal crossings.

This isn’t the first time Spike Lee has spoken out against Trump.

1. Spike Lee announced that he refuses to call Donald Trump by his name.

During an appearance on Anderson Cooper 360, he said he wouldn’t sit down with Donald Trump, and he no longer calls him by his name

I don’t use his name, either. Agent Orange. I got it from Busta Rhymes.

Does he consider Trump his president?

“No,” he responded immediately.

2. Spike Lee called him a 'man of hate and violence'.

During a red carpet event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theatre for BlacKKKlansman in July, he said:

Agent Orange, wake up! Wake the f**k up. He’s [Trump] a man of hate, violence and can’t be trusted to make moral decisions. We can’t be silent anymore. He’s on the wrong side of history, and we are on the right side of history with this film.

3. Spike Lee unloaded an expletive-laden speech at Cannes criticising Trump’s lukewarm reaction to the Charlottesville protests that erupted in August 2017.

We have a guy in the White House, I’m not going to say his f***ing name, whose defining moment, not just for Americas but for the world, and that mother****er, was given a chance to say, ‘We are about love and not hate,’ and that mother****er did not denounce the mother****ing clan [KKK], the alt-right, and those Nazi mother****ers.

Whose defining moment, he could have said to the world, that we were better than that.

4. Spike Lee calls Trump and his administration ‘corrupt and crooked’.

During an interview with the Guardianabout his film, and the rise of Donald Trump, he said:

A lot of that is a reaction to having an African American, a man of colour, in that position for eight years. They didn’t like it.

He’s a racist…race is just, add that to the list. This administration is corrupt. From top to the bottom. They’re all crooks but they’re taking it to another level. For example, to have someone head the Environment Protection Agency [EPA] whose former job was a lobbyist for the coal industry…[laughs]. You can’t get more crooked than that.

This some new s**t.

In my opinion, what’s ironic is a lot of his base is poor white people. The reality is this guy does not care about that. Poor people is not his concern.

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