A prominent far-right commentator has been banned from sending his own newsletter

Stefan Molyneux/YouTube/Twitter

Stefan Molyneux is a well-known Conservative and right-wing commentator who has been known to spew controversial and far-right rhetoric on social media for a number of years now.

The Canadian provocateur has been allowed to promote a racist, transphobic, misogynistic and Islamophobic agenda on various platforms but has started to see his revenue diminish.

In a video that he shared on YouTube, a downbeat Molyneux states that 'there is no place left for him to go' and that it would now be 'functionally impossible' for him to get a normal job.

If he believed that his influence wasn't going to grow any further then he was dealt another nail in the coffin on Tuesday when he had his MailChimp account terminated.

For those that don't know, MailChimp is an automated email marketing service that allows users to send both emails and bespoke newsletters.

It's a popular service but after it was brought to their attention on Twitter that Molyneux had been using it to spread his propaganda, his account was swiftly deactivated.

We cannot speculate on how many subscribers Molyneux had on MailChimp but given his reaction on Twitter, we can only presume that it was substantial.

However, the decision by MailChimp was widely applauded by many who were happy to see them take action against the far right.

Of course, there have been many who have voiced their displeasure and announced that they would be leaving MailChimp as a result but what are you gonna do? Haters gonna hate.

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