Stephen Colbert just said what everyone was thinking about Donald Trump’s reaction to his wife’s speech on Tuesday evening.

During the second day of the Republican National Convention, Melania spoke about her intention to vote for her husband on 3 November, her condolences to the victims of the coronavirus pandemic and the “racial unrest” across the US in recent months.

But at one stage during her speech, it didn’t look like the POTUS was too impressed.

Colbert said:

During his wife’s speech, it looked like Donald Trump was having a really great time.

Putting on his best Trump impersonation, Colbert folded his arms, frowned and joked:

I hate these recitals! Which one of my children is this? Is that Turfany or Malaria?

People couldn’t get over how angry Trump looked during his wife’s speech:

Many hypothesised she didn’t praise him enough:

Or perhaps he was angry he wasn’t in the limelight:

While others guessed, er, other reasons:

The Republican National Convention is in full swing, with two more days of speeches (see: praise for Trump) left.

Mike Pence is scheduled to give a speech on Wednesday evening, with Trump and his daughter Ivanka due to speak on Thursday.

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