Like many of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters, Stephen Miller has been criticised for spreading “fake news” to support the president’s policies.

Now, he’s being mocked for “fake hair”, after appearing to make an attempt to cover his receding hairline during an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation.

Miller was there to defend Trump’s border wall policy but social media users couldn’t help notice his surprising hair growth.

His new look turned out to be just as unpopular as his views on immigration and it wasn't long before Twitter was full of users mocking Miller's "spray-on" hair.

The TV appearance spread so far Chrissy Teigen and March of Our Lives activist David Hogg got in on the joke as well.

And while some people were uneasy about mocking a man for his hair loss, people were pretty sure it was okay to mock Miller.

Of course, it could be possible Miller has found a way to reverse the effects of balding, but it definitely didn't look like his surprising hair growth was a Christmas miracle.

You can decide for yourself by watching the full clip below:

HT The Daily Dot

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