Democrat Steve Bullock buys website to troll Trump over Greenland

Democrat Steve Bullock buys website to troll Trump over Greenland

A Democratic candidate has bought a website to troll Donald Trump over his apparent interest in the United States 'buying' Greenland.

The President recently made clear the extent of his confused state when he apparently expressed an interest in buying the country going as far to ask his White House aides to look into the matter for him according to The Wall Street Journal.

The news once again saw Trump universally mocked on a global stage as people tried to make sense of the bizarre news.

Now Montana Governor Steve Bullock has also got in on the act by purchasing the domain

The website contains just one question, you guessed it, is Greenland for sale? The answer at the bottom of the page is very simple: “No.” But you probably already knew that.

Given Trump’s team have monetised just about every bit of trolling they can think of, it’s good to see the Democrats bite back. The only other message on the website is short and to the point:

But while you’re here, donate a buck to kick Donald Trump out of office.

Whether Bullock sees a surge in donations or not he's likely doing very well from the recent interest in search traffic for the term, and name of his website. Assumedly a large percentage of the people searching for it will be emanating from the White House as they desperately try and get the president some answers for his latest oddball request.

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