MEP and hard-line Brexiteer, Steven Woolfe, has given a strongly worded and emotional speech at the European Parliament where he made reference to his dying uncle, who won't live to see Brexit because of 'traitors'.

In the speech, which he delivered on Wednesday, before Thursday's Article 50 extension amendment vote, the 51-year-old hit out at the likes of Tony Blair and Dominic Grieve who he says have stifled the democratic process.

Woolfe reveals that his uncle has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and will die without seeing Brexit fulfilled, but believes that he will have God on his side, whereas those who have thought against will not be so fortunate.

Doctors diagnosed my uncle with a terminal illness and he will die this weekend. He spent his life in public service protecting children from abusers, paedophiles and violence.

He was a great Welsh democrat. He voted to Leave in June 2016. And he will die not seeing Brexit. 

He will die not seeing Brexit because of a political class, that despise him and voters in Britain, who believe that they are far superior in the way that they think they should control our lives. 

And do not wish to listen to the voters who wanted to get rid of them. He will die because he will not get a Brexit before his death because of traitors like Tony Blair and Dominic Grieve who collude with foreign leaders, to stop the democratic vote of the British.

My uncle, I hope will have God on his side, and bless his soul, but for those of you who have denied him the right to Brexit and denied those 17.4 million people Brexit, God will not be on your side, when they unleash their anger in the ballot box. 

Although his speech was clearly from the heart, if not skewed towards his political beliefs, Woolfe's comments have been criticised on social media as many have felt that it was unnecessary to use his uncle's death to make a political point.

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