Man sues 50 women who said he’s a ‘bad date’

Man sues 50 women who said he’s a ‘bad date’

Man sues 50 women who said he’s a ‘bad date’


A man in the US has tried to sue 50 women who allegedly discussed his dating etiquette in a private Facebook group.

Stewart Lucas Murrey from Santa Monica, has taken legal action against the Facebook group 'Are We Dating The Same Guy?' after members of the group claimed he had behaved inappropriately on dating apps.

Murrey started a GoFundMe page to support his case, he claimed more than 200 social media accounts had "participated in harming me for over a year."

According to Murrey, the defendants posted "provably false and defamatory" statements about what it was like to date him.

"Some of their acts included posting my pictures without my permission, tracking my whereabouts, conspiring to harass me, fabricating entire stories, and sensationalising their unremarkable interactions with me," he said.


"I support a safe space for women to protect themselves against being stalked, harassed or harmed, and not the other way around.

"These women exploited the concept of a safe space to gossip, defame and cyberbully anyone at whim. The acts of these defendants are hate-filled and unrelenting."

The Facebook group allows women to share images of men they have either dated or intended to date as a way of "warning other women about liars, cheaters, abusers, or anyone who exhibits any type of toxic or dangerous behaviour".

The group say it is "a place for women to protect, support, and empower other women."

There has also been a counter GoFundMe set up to support the women being sued.

The defendants say: "We were simply coming together to share truthful accounts of our personal experiences.

"These included valid concerns pertaining to the plaintiff's unsettling behaviour and background, all of which is public information.

"It is our opinion that this plaintiff poses a legitimate danger to the women of Los Angeles. Our negative interactions with him have spanned years. We plan to finally put an end to his harassing ways once and for all."

The fundraiser claims that Murrey is suing for damages of $2.6 million for "emotional distress and pain and suffering".

The women being sued have said they "plan to aggressively fight the lawsuit".

On April 8 the first case was thrown out by the Superior Court of California.

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