A post is going viral for its terrifying description of what it's like to survive a school shooting, prompting people to share their own stories.

An anonymous user on Tumblr perfectly summarised how difficult life is for student's who are living with survivor's guilt after a tragic school shooting. The person detailed how every fire drill prompts students and teachers alike to cry and how their natural instinct during a drill now is to wait for gunshots.

They also describe how activities like laser tag aren't fun anymore because having a laser machine gun pointed at you makes you drop to the nearest wall and grabb your phone in a panic to tell your parents you love them.

The post, which was found by a journalist on Twitter prompted many other people to share their own stories of gun violence and the impact it has had on their lives.

Even for the people who haven't survived a school shooting, this post showed just how traumatising this all is for student across the country, causing many to also reflect on the controversial gun laws in America.

Meanwhile, the NRA is still alive and kicking, as it has just been confirmed that Donald Trump will be speaking a the NRA Leadership Forum on 26 April.

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