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Thank god for takeaways, eh? Delicious, easy and also delicious.

Well, now we've got another reason to be thankful for ordering food so easily - though most of us won't be desperately and thankfully dialling up for this reason.

A student with a spider phobia thought she was out of options when, home alone, she glimpsed a large spider blocking her path out her room - until a friend suggested Deliveroo. She told BuzzFeed News:

I considered that the driver may not be able to enter the house for personal safety reasons and did not want to order food for no reason.

So, I decided to private message Deliveroo on Twitter to ask if this was a possibility.

Deliveroo said that as long as the driver wasn't afraid of spiders, they could probably help out.

When the driver arrived, he said he was also afraid if spiders but helped her out after she begged.

She told the publication he was a "real life hero", adding:

He asked how big it was and said he would give it a go, asking where it was.

When I pointed at the top of the stairs handing him the tissue roll and getting him a chair to stand on, he then reached for the spider and accidentally dropped it on the floor where it began to run which made me panic more, he said: 'Look away, don't look'.

Deliveroo promised they would reward Joe, the driver.

Thank you, Joe.

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