During the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Washington Post took the opportunity to air an advert praising the work of the free press, and obviously, Donald Trump Jr wasn't very happy about it.

Taking to Twitter, Trump Jr expressed his anger at the advert, which had the strapline 'Democracy Dies in Darkness', and paid tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in pursuit of justice, including Jamal Khashoggi, Austin Tice, and Marie Colvin.

In the tweet, Trump Jr wrote:

You know how MSM journalists could avoid having to spend millions on a #superbowl comercial to gain some undeserved credibility?

How about report the news and not their leftist BS for a change.

Twitter users were appalled and quickly called him out for his callous disregard for the sacrifice made by journalists, including Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who was assassinated at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2018.

An official investigation by the CIA found Khashoggi was assassinated by agents of the Saudi government, but the Trump administration has not recognised these findings, reports the Huffington Post.

Many Twitter users were appalled by Trump Jr's stance.

Others defended the free press and journalists.

While the occasional tweeter agreed with the attack on the 'MSM'...

Others just thought the whole thing was ridiculous.

And pointed out that Trump Jr had even managed to misspell 'commercial'.

HT Huffington Post

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