Survey says over half of Britons are against gender neutral toilets - so people are pointing out the obvious

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Newsflash! 55 per cent of Brits are probably unaware that they're using gender neutral toilets every day - at home.

A gender neutral toilet is a toilet that can be used by anyone, regardless of their sex.

They provide a safe space for those who don't identify with either the male or female binary - about 650,000 people in the UK.

Despite this, Brits across the country are up in arms about the idea, with 55 per cent of Londoners, 75 per cent of people in Yorkshire, 70 per cent of those in East Anglia, and 69 per cent of those in the North East feeling outraged at the proposition.

Beatriz Pardo, marketing manager at Bathroom Takeaway, who conducted the study said:

We were keen to see how open-minded Britons are when it comes to public loos. The notion of gender-neutral toilets have been in the headlines recently but it is clear most people in the UK feel very uneasy about them.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan championed plans to increase the number of shared facilities in the capital last November but it appears the plans are not as popular as originally thought.

It seems baffling that such a large amount of the population have forgotten that these toilets are actually completely normal.

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