Susie Dent’s word of the day perfectly summed up Dominic Cummings’ explosive testimony

Dominic Cummings’ eye-opening testimony to the select committee on Wednesday proved to be one of the most explosive days in recent British political history.

Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser made several damning accusations about the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic where he singled out Johnson and health secretary Matt Hancock for allegedly lying and attempting to play down the seriousness of the crisis.

The revelations got the internet talking, especially because of his unique references which ranged from Jeff Goldblum to Spider-Man, but there was definitely a sense that Cummings has a score to settle since leaving his job in Downing Street last year.

Never one to miss an opportunity to have a sly dig at politicians or figures of interest, Countdown’s Susie Dent had an apt choice for her word of the day or, in this case, origin of the day.

Wednesday’s choice was: “‘grass’ or informant began with the rhyming slang ‘grasshopper/shopper’, because they shop a former accomplice.”

Predictably, it went down a treat.

Educational and hilarious. Another big win for Dent, who is quickly making this a habit of hers.

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