This pool float looks very familiar to women everywhere and no one knows why it was made

Twitter screengrab

We've never designed a pool float, nor are we ever likely to in the near future .

If we had to give it a go though we'd cobble something together that resembles a bed that doesn't sink in water.

And we'd definitely try to avoid anything that looks like a sanitary pad.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what one company in America did and it has gone viral.

The picture was originally shared on reddit but it wasn't until the below tweet that it really started to get noticed.

The replies were hilarious.

And it appears that it's not the only product bearing a striking resemblance to other things.

There's also this ill conceived clothes hanger.

However, the comments in response to the idea that a focus group could have prevented this proved to be very interesting.

It's new found popularity has led to people commenting on the product's Amazon page, where it is available to buy for $79.50.

Here are some of the best reviews.

I tried it, but it sucked all the water out of the pool.

I've waited for this for my entire life. I have always dreamed of floating in a pool on a gigantic maxi pad!

Because who wouldn't want to hang at the pool on a giant menstrual pad? You wind up with the entire pool to yourself, which is bonus. I was, however, disappointed that it didn't work like all the commercials and stay dry on top.

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