The seats that swung the hung parliament

The UK woke to a hung parliament following the 2017 General Election vote.

Prime Minister Theresa May failed to win her expected majority and suffered large losses of seats to Labour.

She has sought a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland to prop up her, dare we say, 'weak and wobbly' minority government.

Labour made the greatest gains in seats, gaining on net 29. One seat, Kensington, remains in play due to a postponed vote count.

The SNP suffered large losses in seats, while Ukip lost their only seat, that of the retiring MP Douglas Carswell, due to their vote completely collapsing.

A total of 75 seats changed hands at the election with Labour claiming 33 of them (losing four) and the Tories claiming 25 (while losing 37).

Here are the seats that changed hands in the election:

What a time to be alive.

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