Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren had a Rocky IV reunion

Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren had a Rocky IV reunion

This might be a controversial opinion but Rocky IV is the best of the Rocky movies.

Rocky probably had the best overall story. Rocky II has the best ending.

Rocky Balbao was one of the best reboots in modern cinema and Creed was a fantastic reinvention of the story but there is something thoroughly enjoyable and indulgent about Rocky IV.

For starters, it features the best and most ridiculous training montage in the entire Rocky franchise.

Furthermore, it has a great villain.

Although the likes of Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang are great villains from the series the best has to be "The Siberian Express" Ivan Drago.

The menacing Russian heavyweight, played by Dolph Lundgren has some of the best lines in the series and delivers them with the upmost stoicism.

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Anyway, we'll stop gushing over that film because that was 1985 and this is 2017 and Rocky and Drago are back.

In Creed II, Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) who is coached by Rocky will seek out vengeance on the man that killed his father back in the 80s.

(Spoiler alert: Ivan Drago kills Adonis's father, Apollo Creed in a rather brutal boxing match).

Considering that Lundgren and Stallone are now 60 and 71 respectively you could be forgiven for thinking that they might not have the same build as they did all those decades ago.

Just to prove you and everyone else wrong, Stallone shared a picture of him and Lundgren on Instagram while they were shooting a commercial for the movie and they look as hench as ever.

In case you were wondering if the duo will trade punches on the big screen again, Stallone confirmed that sparks will fly between the pair back in August.

Speaking to TMZ Sport, the actor said:

You know I gotta hit Drago once.

Creed II is expected to premiere in November 2018.

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