Personal trainer gets obese client banned from five local takeaways


Weight loss can be a struggle of epic proportions and tiny portions.

When push comes to shove, losing weight almost always involved parting yourself from some foods that you love. But what happens when your favourite indulgence is your local takeaway?

In order to shed the extra pounds, Darren McClintock allowed his personal trainer Mike Hind to put up letters in all takeaways near his house to stop them from serving him. This came after doctors told him that he was “eating himself to death”.

The posters had the headline:

Save Dibsy. Obesity is Killing Him. Do Not Serve This Man.

Short, but brutal.

27 year-old Darren was eating junk food daily, eventually leading to hospitalisation for heart problems. With the help of his trainer, he’s trying to turn his life around.

He told SWNS:

I've struggled with my weight since I was a teenager but this year it's declined massively. Instead of picking the healthy option I would always go for what I liked, stuff like pies, pasties, crisps and chips.

It got to the point where my legs and back were aching all the time and I ended up in hospital. The doctor asked me if I want to live a long life and said I can't go on the way I am or I'd be dead before too long.

Seeing my mum's reaction to it all was heartbreaking, if it wasn't for that I might never have changed. Now I need to face up to my problem and tackle it head on, it's now or never.

I have had a lot of finger pointing and laughing over the years and I was bullied at school. That's another reason for making a change now, so that I can live a normal life.

Each year, personal trainer Mike takes on a client for free, receiving thousands of applications. He thinks it could take up to a year for Darren to lose enough weight to be considered healthy, but it’s definitely possible.

You go, Darren.

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