This bear has gone viral for the most terrifying reason

Amazon/ Screengrab

A huge teddy bear on Amazon has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The 6.5 ft tall Joyfay bear is available on the retail website for the sum of $109.99, and judging by the pictures he seems like the perfect companion to give a hug to every now and again.

Picture:Picture: Amazon/ Screengrab

Nothing seems too disturbing does it?

However, there is something deceptive about this bear and it's got something to do with his proportions.

Even though he is 6.5 ft, nobody thought to explain that his legs were 4 ft long, much bigger than the rest of his body.

Reviews from last year revealed this disturbing detail to full effect and customers were not happy.

Picture:Picture: Amazon/ Screengrab

Picture:Picture: Amazon/ Screengrab

Although it has taken a little while for this bear's abnormality to be widely known, it has now gone viral and provoked a variety of amazing reactions.

One person even owned a version of the bear, but hadn't noticed how long its legs were until now.

Attempting to get to the bottom of the mystery, YouTuber drumr828 purchased the 6.5ft and 4ft version of the stuffed animal and the problem quickly became apparent.

BuzzFeed have since spoken to the manufacturers who have confirmed that the big bear's legs have since been fixed and are no longer freakishly long.

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