Target featured someone wearing a headscarf in their catalogue and some people are freaking out

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Tuesday 17 January 2017 13:30

Target Australia featured a woman wearing a headscarf in its recent back-to-school catalogue.

While some people voiced their approval and support of the inclusion of different faiths and communities, others weren’t so happy.

Many saw the backlash coming a mile off:

And their predictions unfortunately came true:

Luckily for Target, it's all worked out okay.

The company says they aim to “represent the diversity of all Australians," and it looks like their accomplished their goal.

But a welcome by-product of that, is that a few less accepting people will no longer darken their doors.


A writer for said:

I applaud Target for taking a risk by going against the status quo and featuring minority groups. One way we can encourage other companies to follow suit is by showing our support for Target’s catalog on social media, and continuing to give them our business. I may just go to Target to buy a headscarf sometime soon!

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