When it was reported that US President Joe Biden had travelled to his home state of Delaware for the weekend – which Republicans have since interpreted as a ‘vacation’ – one senator who had a holiday controversy of his own saw it as the perfect opportunity to chip in.

“Cancún is lovely this time of year,” tweeted Ted Cruz, who sparked a backlash when he visited the Mexico city in February this year – right when his state of Texas was experiencing power outages as a result of a winter storm which left at least 111 people dead.

The comment was in response to a tweet from the Republican National Committee (also known as GOP), which read: “Joe Biden has decided to go on vacation YET AGAIN. He is running away from all the problems he has caused.”

Some heaped praise on Cruz for his apparent self-awareness and his ability to ridicule himself:

Others, meanwhile, didn’t see the funny side – given, you know, people actually died in the crisis:

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While we wouldn’t call Biden’s weekend trip to his hometown a ‘holiday’, per se, he isn’t the only politician to be criticised over an apparent vacation away from the current demands of the job.

Here in the UK, the Mirror reported on Saturday that the prime minister had jetted off to the Costa del Sol – specifically the city of Marbella.

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