Immigrant and veteran congressman calls Trump a 'racist ass' after attack on AOC

Immigrant and veteran congressman calls Trump a 'racist ass' after attack on AOC

Congressman, veteran, and immigrant to the United States Ted Lieu has ripped into Donald Trump over a Sunday morning tweet in which he suggested that non-white congresswomen should 'go back' to the countries of their origin.

In a series of tweets Sunday, the president of the United States said that the congresswomen "originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe", before suggesting they "go back".

The tweets were aimed at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was born in the Bronx, New York; Rashida Tlaib, who was born in Detroit, Michigan; Ayanna Pressley, who was born in Chicago, Illinois; and Ilhan Omar, who came to the US from Somalia as a refugee aged 12.

In response, Lieu absolutely ripped into Donald Trump, and it has to be said that he absolutely didn't hold back, calling him a 'racist ass'.

Speaking on MSNBC, the congressman said:

As an immigrant myself, I know that when we came to America, we were poor. 

My parents went to flea markets to sell gifts to make ends meet, and actually they opened a successful small business, they achieved the American Dream, that's one reason I joined the Air Force on active duty, because I believe America is an exceptional country. 

I never thought I would see the day when the president of the United States was telling immigrants to 'go back to where we came from'. 

Donald Trump once again demonstrates that he's a racist ass. He is dividing Americans rather than trying to unify us, and I can't wait to see him leave the office of the president. 

After the clip was shared to social media, it quickly went viral, with many loving the sentiment of the speech.

Some thought that if the expletive fits, then it's fair game.

Others called him their 'favourite American'.

Is it possible to get 'racist ass' trending on Twitter?

As they say on Love Island, it is what it is.

Others wished the president wasn't a 'racist ass'.

This is perfect.

Mic drop, anyone?

Lieu later summed it up.

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