Teenager called a 'national hero' for spending spare time warning drivers about speed cameras

Teenager called a 'national hero' for spending spare time warning drivers about speed cameras
Teenager called 'national hero' for warning drivers about speed cameras
Channel Nine: A Current Affair

A teenager has been described as a "national hero" for helping drivers avoid getting fined by warning them about approaching hidden speed cameras.

Beau Jackson has dedicated his time before and after work to searching for "unfair" speed cameras across NSW’s Central Coast in the north of Sydney that attempt to catch out unsuspecting drivers.

But this is where the 17-year-old has stepped in as he can be seen standing on roadsides next to his motorbike holding a handwritten sign, warning motorists of what lies ahead.

"I want to look out for people as it's a pretty hard time right now," Jackson told A Current Affair.

"I don't want people getting a fine. I've been saving them heaps in the month I've been doing it.

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"People can cop a $170 fine for just going four kilometres over the limit and right now people are struggling so I just want to help them," he added.

Jackson has ensured that his efforts aren't breaking any laws by consulting with the police, who believe the teen is doing good with this work.

“They think I’m doing the community a service as I’m actually making people slow down.

While Jackson himself has never been fined, he believes those who go "dramatically" over the speed limit should be penalised.

“I’m doing it for those who are done four or six kilometres over because they also park at the bottom of a hill,” he said.

“If it was in a school zone or on a stretch of road where people are speeding I wouldn’t warn anyone.

“But they are often set up to ping people going a few kilometres over the speed limit at the bottom of a hill and that’s unfair.”

Rather than using hidden cameras, Jackson believes there should be visible signs for drivers instead.

“If they want to save lives, then have signs here warning people, along with signs on the front and back of the car.”

When Jackson's father, Dan Jackson heard the idea hesitant to support his son's idea.

“My first reaction was ‘do you really want to that?’ and he was like ‘Yeah!’ he said.

“A lot of kids his age are out doing things mainly for themselves and here is Beau doing something for the community … and that’s nice.’

“As long as he’s safe and not doing anything illegal."

Of course, drivers are delighted with Jackson's helpfulness and have declared him a national hero with some of them returning the kind gesture by bringing him drinks, chocolate and new tyres for his motorbike.

“He’s great at it, saving all our licenses,” one person said.

Meanwhile, social media has mixed reactions to Jackson's voluntary work.

“Good on him to help others out in trying times, traffic fines are a profit milking cow and nothing to do with safety whatsoever,” someone wrote.

Although not everyone agreed with this, as another person commented: "I think his efforts are misguided. What’s wrong with motorists following the rules and obeying the speed limits? Take responsibility for your own actions and don’t rely on someone else ….especially a 17-year-old to do what you should be doing yourself."

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