Texan group re-enacts Charlie Hebdo attack with more guns

Gun rights advocates staged a re-enactment of the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in an attempt to find out if the massacre could have been prevented if one of the cartoonists had been armed. Really.

Texan group the Truth About Guns simulated the attack at a shooting range north of Dallas. Volunteers pretended to be the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and two gunmen burst in and started shooting them with paint-balls. None of the armed volunteers were able to halt the massacre in the nine simulations of the attack and none 'survived' apart from one who fled. Two volunteers managed to 'kill' one gunman before being killed.

Writing on the Truth About Guns' website, the group's Nick Leghorn says this is not "definitive proof" that it would have been useless to have an "armed defender" in the building. "I know the gun control activists will want to point to this as definitive proof that armed defenders are useless, but that’s simply not the case," he said. "Two heavily armed individuals against one person with 18 rounds is definitely not a fair fight, especially when the attackers do this as a job every day and are highly trained."

The group previously staged a school shooting re-enactment after Sandy Hook.

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