2019 was undoubtedly the year of the protest. On Brexit, Boris Johnson and climate change, the British people brought their a-game, especially when it came to hilarious (and brutal) signs. Here's ten of the best, ranked.

10. From Block the Coup, some excellent pun work.

9. More wordplay, hand picked by the Stop Brexit Man himself, Steve Bray.

8. Glasgow delivering Theresa May in meme form.

7. A throwback to the days of David Cameron at the People's Vote March.

6. When protest banners got 3D.

5. The contrast between British politeness and bluntness summed up in two pictures.

4. From Leeds: keeping it simple.

3. Summing up the generational divide on Brexit.

2. Teamwork from this young person and their mum.

1. And in top spot: who could forget this enormous banner that pretty much sums up politics in 2019.

British sense of humour, don't ever change.

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