The 10 laws Britons admit to breaking the most

The average Briton admits to breaking the law a staggering 17 times a year, according to a new survey.

Among the laws most likely to be broken are speeding, having sex in public and illegally downloading music.

The top 10 laws Britons admit to breaking:

1. Speeding (62%)

2. Having sex in a public space (43%)

3. Dropping litter (35%)

4. Illegally downloading music or films/TV (33%)

5. Stealing (33%)

6. Pilfering hotel room goods (30%)

7. Avoiding a travel fare (26%)

8. Taking recreational drugs (25%)

9. Parking on double yellow lines (24%)

10. Texting/using mobile without hands-free when driving (17%)

To mark the start of crime drama Crossing Lines, Alibi surveyed 2,000 people.

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