The #2016in3words hashtag will make you even more emotional about the state of the world

Picture: Robert Tortorelli/Flickr
Picture: Robert Tortorelli/Flickr

Right now, everything is the worst. If 2016 were a sandwich, it would be made of mystery meat, soggy salad leaves and stale bread.

To mark the most upsetting year in recent history, people are tweeting using #2016in3words.

You know... 'People can't even'.

A lot of people want to start again


Others can't cope

It must seem like it for some

There are lots of earnest tweets

Being frank about the situation

It's simple, really

For some, the only answer is to have a drink

And quote the Little Mermaid's Sebastian, who, it seems, was a very wise crab

Then again, some people think everything's fine

Maybe it's just a case of perspective

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