The 8 worst political slogans of all time

Friday 25 March 2016 14:00

Australia's premier has been caught using a meaningless slogan strikingly similar to one coined by a satirical US TV show.

"Continuity and change", the phrase used by Malcolm Turnbull this week, seemed to be inspired by "continuity with change", the motto of a US presidential candidate in Veep.

These political slogans don't inspire much hope either...

1. Are You Thinking What We're Thinking? (Tories, 2005)

2. Let's Bring California Back (Arnold Schwarzenegger, US, 2003)

3. Real Plans For Real People (George W Bush, US, 2000)

4. I Like Ike (Dwight D Eisenhower, US, 1952)

6. In Your Heart, You Know He's Right (Barry Goldwater, 1964)

7. Don't Let Him Take Britain Back To The 1980s (Labour 2010)

8. Big Society, Not Big Government (Tories, 2010)

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