The anti-migrant cartoon that even Daily Mail readers don't like

There are a lotofawfulthings said about people fleeing war and persecution, and seeking a better life in another country - it can be difficult to stand out.

The Daily Mail achieved it however with a cartoon from Mac, published in yesterday's paper.

What on the face of it appears to be a tribute to Cilla Black in fact seems to suggest that migrants who died attempting to cross the Mediterranean or the Channel - and there are thousands of them - are in heaven illegally.

Let's just let that sink in.

The reaction has been as you'd expect.

A lot of people likened it to anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda.

Even away from the liberal medium of Twitter, on the Daily Mail's site itself, the reaction was very negative.

Here are the 'best-rated' comments:

Am I alone in thinking that this is rather tasteless?

Am I alone in thinking that this is rather tasteless? And why does Cilla look like Margaret Thatcher?

Poor taste.

No, Mac, not funny. Distasteful in the extreme and very much beneath you.

Possibly the least amusing cartoon for many a long year.

Extremely poor taste

Now I'm as worried as the next guy by the migrant situation but this is in incredibly bad taste on several fronts.

That's one sick 'cartoon', mister. Not in the least humorous, or filled with sentiment., and filled with hate. Why mention Cilla alongside the illegals?

As ever, there's only one cartoon about migrants we turn into in this situation:

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