The campaign to take lying Brexit politicians to court has hit £100,000

Picture: Marcus J Ball/YouTube
Picture: Marcus J Ball/YouTube

The crowdfunding project attempting to raise £100,000 to take pro-Brexit politicians to court has surpassed its target.

The campaign has already raised over £132,000, and will close on 29 July, leaving six more days to add to its support.

The #BrexitJustice campaign's founder, Marcus Ball, has said he will act as the claimant on behalf of the campaign's bacckers.

He plans to formally contract professional lawyers “at a fraction of their normal fees”, having already initiated talks with several “legal professionals who have agreed to work with us but we are not yet at liberty to name them.”

He also hopes to challenge the referendum result with "reference to the statements of objectively untrue facts during the course of the referendum."

In an update on the fundraising page, Ball wrote on 19 July:

Now that we've raised our £100,000 to start us off I have been speaking with our Barrister. We're now working on our plans for a private prosecution.

Wish us luck!

In a more recent update, Ball said the "next step is to choose the firm I believe is best for us and formally take them on". However he held back some specifics, as he needed "to be sensible regarding disclosure of information from this point."

Watch the full video, below:

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