The Catterbox collar will translate your cat's meows into human speech

The Catterbox collar will translate your cat's meows into human speech

It's finally here! Scientists at Temptations Lab have created the world's first cat translator.

The "Catterbox" was made on a 3D printer, and uses a microphone, speaker, bluetooth and wireless to interact with your phone and translate your cat's purrs, meows, and hisses into human speech.

We can now learn the innermost thoughts of our feline companions. This may have a downside for those of us who imagine our cats are somehow sophisticated/actually like us.

As you can imagine, much of what they have to say is "Hello" or "Feed me", but some of the voices are really worth hearing. This chap is quite the booming gent:

Temptations Lab is part of the London based advertising agency adam&eveDDB. Temptations' global brand director Pete Simmons explained the thinking behind the collar to AdWeek:

Through research, we learned that an adult cat’s meow is their way to communicate with humans and, by investing in this prototype device, we can start to improve understanding between them both — giving cats a voice for the very first time.

This may be the thing you and your cat needed to help you grow closer, or it may just be hilarious.

Picture: Temptations Lab

Most importantly to most cat owners, which of the four colours will you choose? And will your cat like it? From now on they'll be able to tell you.

And they will.

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