You're more likely to think you're really really ridiculously good looking if you live in Brighton, a new study has found.

Research from YouGov CityBus has revealed the UK cities where residents reckon their fellow, er, residents are attractive.

YouGov polled inhabitants of 15 big cities across Britain and found Brightonians to be the most appreciative of their neighbours' physical appearance, with 75 per cent of respondents citing their co-urbanites as "fairly attractive".

The Welsh capital, Cardiff, came in a close second with Liverpool and Edinburgh coming in third and fourth.

However, only three in 10 of Southampton citizens thought their fellow city dwellers were hot.

Here's the list from most to least attractive:

Brighton - 75 per cent

Cardiff - 72 per cent

Liverpool - 68 per cent

Edinburgh - 67 per cent

York - 65 per cent

London - 64 per cent

Newcastle - 63 per cent

Cambridge - 55 per cent

Norwich - 50 per cent

Coventry - 40 per cent

Plymouth - 39 per cent

Southampton - 30 per cent

How many different words for "resident" can you name? Keep us updated in the comments below.

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