The difference between Britain and France - in two pictures

The French are fond of exercising their right to protest. This much we know.

When AirFrance cut nearly 3,000 jobs in October last year, 100 workers broke through a gate into a executive meeting and literally ripped the shirts from the backs of their bosses.

The directors were forced to climb over fences to escape from the angry crowd.

Compare that to the Tata Steel protest outside Parliament last week. Around 140,000 people are at risk of losing their jobs - and the most inflammatory thing about the demonstration was the colour of the banner:

Channel 4 News has put together a side-by-side comparisons of recent strikes and protests over working hours, redundancies and goods prices and tariffs on both sides of the Channel.

The French attitude might make polite British demonstrators uncomfortable - but considering they're far more successful at getting what they want, maybe it's time we started looking at their playbook:

How Brits and French people protest very differently

Britain and France may only be 21 miles apart – but there’s a world of difference in how the two countries protest.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Sunday, 3 April 2016
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